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About Us

About Lakeside Valuations

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Lakeside Valuations emerged from a passionate dream: to bridge the gap between urban expertise and the undervalued, intricate beauty of remote, rural, and resort properties. For years, property owners in Australia’s unique terrains sought an authority who could understand, appreciate, and evaluate their prized properties with accuracy and finesse. Lakeside Valuations was birthed to be that beacon of trust.

Our Approach

At Lakeside Valuations, we believe that every property, whether it’s a secluded farmland or a luxurious beachfront villa, has its own narrative. Our team, composed of experienced and dedicated professionals, dives deep into the soul of each property, exploring its history, surroundings, and inherent value. We integrate traditional methodologies with cutting-edge technology, ensuring each valuation is a blend of experience and modern precision.

Our Team

Behind every successful valuation at Lakeside stands a team of experts who bring together a medley of local market knowledge, in-depth research, and a genuine passion for real estate. Trained extensively and versed in the intricacies of Australia’s diverse landscapes, each member contributes a unique skill set, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every project we undertake.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is twofold: to our clients and to excellence. We understand the trust you place in us when you seek our services, and we’re dedicated to delivering nothing short of the best. Every valuation report we produce is thorough, accurate, and reflective of the current market dynamics, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Why Choose Lakeside Valuations?

  • Specialised Focus: Our niche expertise in remote, rural, and resort properties sets us apart.
  • Local Knowledge: Born and bred in Lakes Entrance, we have a profound understanding of the regional dynamics and trends.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Your needs and concerns are our top priority. We offer personalised consultation and feedback throughout the valuation process.
  • Integrity and Transparency: Our reputation is built on honesty. Each valuation is conducted with the utmost integrity and clarity.
Dive into a partnership with Lakeside Valuations and experience a seamless blend of professionalism, expertise, and passion. Your property’s true value is just an assessment away.